Difference Between Adjuvanted and Non-Adjuvanted Vaccines

catvaccinesCats are a unique species in many ways. One of the more harmful of these is their tendency to develop injection site reactions. Therefore, when given certain types of injections, cats may react at the site of the injection. Adjuvanted vaccines are the type of injection with the most risk for your cat is an adjuvanted vaccine. We will discuss Adjuvanted and Non-Adjuvanted Vaccines.

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Leptospirosis In Cats


Leptospirosis is an infection of bacterial spirochetes, which cats acquire when subspecies of the Leptospira interrogans penetrate the skin and spread through the body by way of the bloodstream. Two of of the most commonly seen members of this subspecies are the L. grippotyphosa and L. Pomona bacteria. Spirochetes are spiral or corkscrew-shaped bacteria which infiltrate the system by burrowing into the skin.

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