Nutrition Full Diet For Your Pet Birds

When it comes to feeding your pet bird, you want to add a variety in what they eat. Giving your bird a seed only diet is not healthy in any aspect for your birds diet. Could you imagine eating the same meal every day? Humans and birds alike need a more complex diet that consists of foods high in nutrition such as fruits, veggies, seeds, and sometimes even table food.

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Importance of Pet Vaccines

Like us humans, there are dozens of illnesses that your dog can be exposed to at any minute. In an effort to keep pets safe, vaccines have been developed and improved upon over the years. Like many things in this world, vaccines do carry their pros and cons, along with certain key risks ranging from minor to major. At All Pets Veterinary Medical Center, we want you to be advised about the careful planning of getting your loved pet vaccine injections, and we will cover with you the different routines followed.

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Pros and Cons of Pet Microchips and GPS

Pros and Cons of Pet Microchips

Rather than the traditional method of outfitting your pet with tags on his or her collar, new advances in technology make it much more practical to find a lost pet. However, these advances come with their typical drawbacks. We will discuss the reasons the pros and cons of pet microchips and GPS (Global Positioning System) chip on their collar. All Pets Veterinary Medical Center in College Station, Texas offers pet microchipping for a low price!

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