Congratulations Dr. Hawkins!!!

CongratsSarahWe would like to send out a belated (but well deserved) CONGRATULATIONS to our former employee Dr. Sarah Hawkins for graduating Cum Laude from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Class of 2016! Sarah now practices as an associate veterinarian at Hurst Veterinary Clinic in Hurst, Texas. We are so proud of her and send her the best!

Technology for Pets

Train-Your-Puppy-The-Right-WayMany pet owners have probably tried Skyping when their dog is around, and he or she is probably very confused. They may hear the voice on the other end call his or her name, but are unsure why he or she is being beckoned by the iPad. The same thing probably happens when dogs are barking or growling on TV. Your dog may rush to the set, wanting to get in on the action, but can’t seem to find the play group.

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The Annual Cost of a Dog: Can Your Afford a Furry Friend?

Average Cost of having a DogIf you are thinking about adopting a dog, there’s many factors that need to be taken into consideration, including a financial commitment to his or her health and well-being. According to the ASPCA, the first-year of pet ownership exceeds $1,000. Here’s a few things you should expect before bringing a dog into the family.

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Karsen Recently Graduated

karsenKarsen is a 13-month-old, guide dog in training. She has been seeing us for veterinary care since April 2015. All Pets Medical is sponsoring 100% of all Karsen’s medical care, including her laparoscopic spay. Karsen has been with her trainer, Laine in Aggie Guide-Dogs and Service-Dogs for a year now.

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Marijuana Toxicity in Pets

14395070826t5feWith the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado and Washington, last week the Justice Department effectively announced it won’t challenge other states’ attempts to legalize the drug for medical or recreational use. While marijuana is still classified as illegal, there are many individuals who believe these policy changes lay the groundwork for many states to legalize marijuana, especially for medicinal use in humans. In the meantime, debates about whether or not medical marijuana is beneficial for ailing pets are becoming more frequent. The jury remains out regarding the benefits of medical marijuana for pets, but recent news coverage and an increase in the number of pets being treated for accidental marijuana poisonings are raising questions about the safety of marijuana, especially in dogs.

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Where Our 2016 Presidential Hopefuls Stand on Veterinary Issues

presidential candidate articleIf you’re wondering how Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump might vote on animal-welfare and veterinary-practice issues the AVMA considers critical, this article will help give you a better idea.

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