Breed Highlight: Doberman Pinscher

Doberman PinscherThe Doberman Pinscher is a dog breed first developed in Germany as a guard dog. While it was once known to be aggressive, the Doberman’s temperament has improved through tactful breeding over the years is now considered a reliable family pet.

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3D Printed Limbs in Animals — The Future for Your Pet

3D printing technology is a powerful tool, especially for custom crafting spare parts. This technology is being used in industry to create rapid prototypes and unlock the creativity of product designers. It is even being used in human medicine to create braces, knees and skull pieces. Today, it is also being used to create prosthetic printed legs for animals.

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Trimming Your Dog’s Nails Safely

Nail TrimmingMany dog owners avoid nail trimming because they are afraid of “quicking’ the dog, or that the dog fusses and creates bad feelings around the procedure. Nail cutting can become an event surrounded by angst and drama. Unless your pup is an active outdoors dog, nail trimming on a regular basis is necessary. While high mileage wears nails down naturally, among city and suburban dogs who are lucky to get a mile or two walk daily, excessively long nails are more common than not.

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