Christmas-Specific Poisons for Both Cats and Dogs

socks-the-cat-1084179_960_720The holiday time around Christmas and New Year is obviously a period for most individuals when much food and drink is consumed, homes are filled with more people than usual, there are often children around, and Christmas trees adorned with presents are given pride of place. All of this can create an environment in which is very easy for pets to be exposed to poisons. This article will look some Christmas-specific poisons facing your canine and feline friends.

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Fall Hazards for Pets

file000350963956Autumn is beautiful time of year, but it does bring certain hazards to our pets. Pet owners will want to be aware of these dangers, and take necessary precautions to keep their pet healthy and safe this fall. This article will discuss some fall hazards for pets and how to avoid them and keep your beloved pet safe.

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