Fall Hazards for Pets


Autumn is beautiful time of year, but it does bring certain hazards to our pets. Pet owners will want to be aware of these dangers, and take necessary precautions to keep their pet healthy and safe this fall. We will discuss some fall hazards for pets and how to avoid them and keep your furry companion safe.

Fall Hazards for Pets

Chemical Dangers

Fall is the time that many people treat their properties with pesticides, insecticides, rodenticides and fertilizers. You pet can easily come into contact with these harmful chemicals by walking through the areas that have been treated. And since many pets will lick their paws, this exposure can make them very sick.

As the weather gets colder, many people begin to prepare their vehicles and therefore, antifreeze is another common chemical to be careful of in fall. Mop up any spills immediately to keep your pet from possibly coming into contact with them. It may also be a good idea to wipe down your pet’s paws after they’ve been outside.


Plants are another one of many fall hazards for pets. The changing leave can be very breathtaking, but autumn flora can be very dangerous for your pet. One thing to watch out for is mushrooms. These are very toxic to animals and make them very sick. If you have any wild mushrooms on your property, it is best to get rid of them to keep your pet from getting sick. Also, avoid letting your pet snack during walks.

Although they may be fun to play in, avoid letting your pet in the pile of leaves because dead vegetation can harbor mold or bacteria and be very dangerous for them. Other plants to be aware of include chrysanthemums.

Halloween Candy

Halloween candy can be very dangerous to your beloved pets. Chocolate, hard candies, raisins, macadamia nuts and anything with xylitol in it are very harmful to pets. Make sure to keep these candies away from your pet.

Cats, and in particular, black cats, are also in danger this time of year, so keep them safe and sound indoors. For more information on Halloween hazards, read our previous article, Halloween Holiday Health Hazards for Animals.

Seasonal Foods

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of the fall season is all the food, especially during the Thanksgiving holiday. Such foods as stuffing, turkey dishes, and apple and pumpkin filled desserts, along with good times spent with great people. However, it is important to pay attention to any foods that may “accidentally” fall into reach of your pet.

Turkey and other bones can cause intestinal blockages and problems for your pet’s digestive system. This can leave your beloved pet feeling ill for days from eating foods that they don’t usually eat.

Heating Devices

As the weather gets colder, many will bring out the space heaters and light the fire in the fireplace to keep warm. Be careful when using such heating devices with pets because they can accidentally get their tails too close to a flame.

Other devices to be careful of include candles, potpourri burners and indoor electric heaters. Be sure to turn off heaters after each and every time you leave the house. Keep these heating devices out of reach of your pets to avoid in accidents that could potentially occur.


Although lovely and full of whimsical charm, fall decorations can potentially be dangerous for your pet. Be careful when choosing items that are safe for your pet.

Small parts or dangling threads should be avoided to keep from accidentally choking or entangling your pet.

Wild Animals

Many animals, such as snakes, start looking for places to hibernate in the fall. When starting to prepare for their winter naps, these wild animals can often get rather cranky and defensive, which can make them even more aggressive than usual.

Keep your pet away from anything that looks like it could be an inviting habitat for wild animals.


If you believe your dog or cat has gotten into any of these fall hazards for pets, don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below to schedule an appointment with your vet.

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