All About Mixed Dog Breeds

mixed dog breeds

While often not bred intentionally, mixed dog breeds are still very lovable dogs and they can make great pets for many people. We will discuss mixed dog breeds and the advantages of mixed dog breeds.

Mixed Dog Breeds

Mixed Breed Puppies vs. Adult Mixed Breed Dogs

The advantages of adopting a mixed breed puppy is that they are extremely easy to socialize. They get attached to their family “pack” immediately. In addition, if you have children, it’s very nice for them and the dog to grow up and play together.

The significant advantage of adult mixed breed dogs is that you can adopt them from countless animal protection centers. These centers allow you to choose from various sizes, ages and physiques. One factor to consider is that adult dogs have a defined personality. Therefore, unlike puppies, you already know what they are like. This way, you can select a quieter dog, or a more active one, depending on your lifestyle.

Health of Mixed Breed Dogs

Typically, mixed breed dogs are much healthier and live longer than dogs with a definite breed. Mixing two different genetic codes is enriching for the overall health of the dog.

Furthermore, unlike dogs of specific breeds, mixed breed dogs are less likely to have hereditary abnormalities.

As soon as you choose a mixed breed dog and leave the animal shelter, schedule an appointment with your vet here at All Pets for a check up. This way you can ensure your dog is healthy. We especially recommend this if you have other pets at home. You could risk exposure to a serious disease.

Training Advantages of Mixed Breed Dogs

Often times, mixed breed dogs are not as strong-willed as purebreds and traits that define a breed can be more subtle. For example, if a breed has a tendency that is more prevalent, such as digging or herding, some of that urge or instinct is not as intense.

This is great if you are wanting to avoid a digging Dachshund in your garden or a herding border collie at the dog park. Proper exercise and training are key to managing these issues.


For more information on mixed dog breeds or to schedule an appointment here at All Pets, contact us with the link below!

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