Chiqa Vs. Granulomatous Meningoencephalomyelitis

Chiqa, a 3.5 year old short-haired Chihuahua, arrived at All Pets on emergency basis in early September after a rapid onset of startling neurological symptoms. Suddenly, she was walking in continuous counter-clockwise circles, tilting her head to the left, and suffering from partial paralysis of both legs on her left side. Several laboratory tests were Continue reading Chiqa Vs. Granulomatous Meningoencephalomyelitis

Congratulations Dr. Hawkins!!!

CongratsSarahWe would like to send out a belated (but well deserved) CONGRATULATIONS to our former employee Dr. Sarah Hawkins for graduating Cum Laude from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Class of 2016! Sarah now practices as an associate veterinarian at Hurst Veterinary Clinic in Hurst, Texas. We are so proud of her and send her the best!

Flynn’s Story

Most people understand the word Hernia as a painful condition where an organ protrudes through its proper body cavity. In humans, a hernia can be caused by a combination of muscle weakness, strain, chronic coughing or injury. In cats, however…

It’s usually caused by injury. 9 Month old kitten Flynn got hit by a car. From the outside, It could be seen that Flynn’s tail was missing and had multiple wounds. However, Flynn’s internal organs were a different story.

Injuries such as getting hit by a car, whether sustained by human or cat, can cause severe internal damage. Delicate organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys can suffer trauma. Ribs can be fractured or broken, causing additional internal damage.

Flynn’s tail was amputated in February, and his wounds were addressed. It wasn’t until months later when Flynn was diagnosed with a diaphragmatic hernia. A suspected foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract was discovered through x-rays. Flynn’s intestines had migrated to his chest. Flynn was very lethargic and coughing often. In mid-April 2016, Flynn’s lung collapsed.

The diaphragm separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. A defect in the diaphragm allowed abdominal organs to enter Flynn’s chest cavity. Several loops of small intestine and large intestine (colon) were identified in his chest. The treatment option is surgery to correct the defect in the diaphragm.

The diaphragmatic hernia was repaired with no complications at All Pets Medical Center in late April. Dr. Rupley removed the abdominal contents from the thorax, and put them back in the abdomen. The defect in the diaphragm was then repaired, preventing anything from re-entering the thorax/chest.

Flynn was monitored overnight after intensive oxygen therapy, and he was able to go home. Flynn was full of energy by his recheck appointment in mid-May, and we are thrilled with his recovery!

Puppies and Kittens.. oh my..!

pupsandkitsWe recently spayed and neutered 14 puppies from the Aggieland Humane Society! Check out their June “Adopt a cat” Month long event, where cats and kittens are half price!

Speaking of kittens… meet Olive, our newest Mommy! Olive was staying the weekend boarding with us when all of a sudden we had 6 new feline guests! Luckily, she was in just the right place for a surprise birth.

The perineal urethrostomy that transformed Dean’s life. See him now! [Story and Photos]

deaninc Dean, a male domestic shorthair, was suffering from an obstruction of the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder. Obstructions are usually caused by blood, or Continue reading The perineal urethrostomy that transformed Dean’s life. See him now! [Story and Photos]

Come and see us this weekend at St. Francis Blessing of the Animals Fest!

blessingofthepetsOur All Pets Veterinary Medical Center team will greet you at our booth, where we’ll have a RAFFLE for either a giant cat or dog gift basket filled to the brim with goodies your canine or feline companion would be overjoyed to receive. Even if you aren’t a winner of our raffle, we will be giving away coupons for Continue reading Come and see us this weekend at St. Francis Blessing of the Animals Fest!