The perineal urethrostomy that transformed Dean’s life. See him now! [Story and Photos]

deaninc Dean, a male domestic shorthair, was suffering from an obstruction of the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder. Obstructions are usually caused by blood, or small “stones” that have formed in the bladder. This is painful and results in kidney failure and toxins in the bloodstream. Dean had trouble and pain urinating and would have the urge to “go” constantly in small amounts throughout the day. It was found that Dean had obstruction due to blood clots and crystals about twice a month!

Dean came to us from the TX A&M Small Animal Hospital for a perineal urethrostomy surgery.

The surgery provides a permanent opening, large enough to accommodate the passage of most crystals and debris (the main causes of obstruction). Dean’s surgery was performed at All Pets on 4/21 without complications.

hdeanAlmost 3 weeks later, Dean is no longer in any pain, and has fully recovered from the surgery!

There are no predispositions to Dean’s diagnosis, however it is more common in males. Cats that eat dry diets (and therefore get less water) or diets high in calcium, protein, or salt may be at an increased risk for developing crystals and stones. We recommend wet food diet for cats whenever possible, and keeping your cat at a healthy weight. Stress levels should be kept low as well.

We will continue to monitor Dean’s progress, but we are thrilled to share his success story!

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