Importance of the DA2PLP Vaccine for Dogs

DA2PLP Vaccine for Dogs

“DA2PLP” is a combination vaccine for your pup that protects against five primary canine diseases, which includes the following: Distemper, Adenovirus-2, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis and Parainfluenza. These diseases can be deadly and do not have cures. Therefore, we recommend regular vaccination to reduce your dog’s risk. We will discuss the importance of DA2PLP Vaccine for dogs.

DA2PLP Vaccine for Dogs


Canine Distemper vaccine is the first part of DA2PLP vaccine for dogs. Distemper is a highly contagious viral illness similar to that of the measles in humans. This can be contracted through direct contact with an infected animal. Also, it can be contracted through indirect contact such as with bedding or food bowls used by infected animals or wildlife feces.

Symptoms of Distemper include the following:

  • high fever
  • weakeness
  • coughing
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea

As Distemper progresses, hardening of the foot pads may occur. Depending on the strain and the age of your dog, the severity of the disease can vary. For adult dogs, the mortality rate is less than 50 percent. However, for puppies, the mortality rate is as high as 80 percent.

Adenovirus-2 and Parainfluenza

Adenovirus-2 and parainfluenza is the next part of DA2PLP vaccine for dogs. These are both different viruses that can play roles in kennel cough. The bacterium Bordetella bronchiseptica can also play a role.

Symptoms of Adenovirus-2 and Parainfluenza include the following:

  • loud coughs
  • runny noses
  • mucus discharge
  • wheezing
  • decreased appetite

Unfortunately, there is no treatment available currently for the viral infections. However, antibiotics and cough suppressants treat secondary bacterial infections and treat symptoms.


Leptospirosis is a disease that can be transmitted to humans and a small amount of other animals. It is an infection of bacterial spirochetes. Dogs acquire this when subspecies of the Leptospira interrogans penetrate the skin and spread through the body by way of the bloodstream. If untreated, the disease can be fatal.

Symptoms of Leptospirosis include the following:

  • sudden fever and illness
  • reluctance to move, may have sore muscles
  • excessive shivering
  • regular weakness
  • depression
  • lack of appetite
  • increased thirst and urination
  • rapid dehydration
  • vomiting, possibly blood in vomit
  • diarrhea


Parvovirus is a fast-acting virus with a high mortality rate. This virus can survive in the environment up to a year. Therefore, just a simple walk around the block is enough for your pup to contract the virus.

Symptoms of Parvovirus begin with the following:

  • loss of appetite
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea

A strong, distinct odor is present, while the stool may also contain mucus or blood. Puppies are more commonly affected and are at higher risk of mortality, but parvovirus can affect dogs of any age. While there is currently no cure, early treatmment with intravenous fluids increases the chance of survival. With most situations, the survival rate is 70 percent.


Giving your dog too many vaccines can overstimulate the immune system and make them extremely sick, or may even cause serious health problems in the future. Sit down with us at All Pets Veterinary Medical Center and we can discuss a necessary health plan for your dog, and administer the correct vaccinations. Contact us with the link below for more information!

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