Caring for Primates: How to Care for Capuchin Monkeys

how to care for Capuchin monkeys

Caring for primates requires a lot of effort and patience. The Capuchin is a little primate that you often see in movies and television. It is famous for its small size and mischievous nature. Therefore, we will discuss how to care for Capuchin monkeys.

How to Care for Capuchin Monkeys

Even under the best circumstances, Capuchins can be temperamental, unpredictable creatures.

It involves a great deal of time, effort and commitment to give your monkey a proper upbringing.

Diapers for Capuchin Monkeys

how to care for Capuchin monkeys

Capuchin monkeys often mark their territory by urinating on it. Therefore, monkey owners prefer to diaper them. If your baby Capuchin is not already wearing diapers, training needs to begin as soon as you bring him home.

Monkeys are quite adept at removing diapers if they can reach the diaper tabs or pins. Therefore, make sure to apply all diapers to your pet backwards. Regular baby diapers will work for baby Capuchins, cutting a hole for the tail. However, if your monkey is too small to wear infant diapers, consider using a 5-inch by 5-inch baby towel or washcloth and a liner as a diaper. You can pin it together in the back with a diaper pin. If your pet has a favorite toy he likes to cling to, diaper him face down on his toy. This will reduce the amount of stress he experiences during diapering.

Vaccines for Capuchin Monkeys

Capuchin monkeys are susceptible to many of the same diseases humans contract. Therefore, veterinary care for Capuchin monkeys in Bryan/College Station, TX is necessary.

All Pets Veterinary Medical provides veterinary care for Capuchin monkeys to ensure your pet remains in good health. Common vaccines for baby Capuchin monkeys include the following:

  • M-M-R II vaccine (protects against measles, mumps and rubella)
  • Polio vaccine
  • Tetanus shot

Feeding Capuchin Monkeys

Avoid abrupt changes in diet as this can upset stomach and diarrhea for your pet monkey. You can feed baby Capuchin monkeys human baby formula from a bottle. As they get older, you can thicken the consistency with human baby rice and ground monkey biscuits. Once your monkey is ready for solid foods, we recommend the following:

  • pieces of monkey biscuits
  • chopped fruits and vegetables
  • small birds and bugs
  • nuts
  • flowers

Additionally, it can be difficult to wean baby monkeys as they love to feed from the bottle. Never bottle feed a baby Capuchin monkey lying back and cradled like a baby. Instead, keep your Capuchin upright and leaning slightly forward. Make sure to support his chest and tummy or let him lean on a stuffed toy. This will prevent choking hazards while he nurses. To ensure maximum health, discuss your Capuchin monkey’s diet with your veterinarian here at All Pets.

Nursery for Capuchin Monkeys

how to care for Capuchin monkeys

In their natural habitat, Capuchin monkeys remain with their mothers for years. Therefore, you will need to act as your pet monkey’s mother, providing the constant attention and affection he requires.

Even if you plan to transition your Capuchin into a large cage, you need to have a place for him to sleep in your bedroom while he is a baby. Typically, you can accomplish this by placing a dog kennel near the bed, complete with a blanket and his favorite stuffed animal. As your pet monkey matures, you can transition him to his permanent nighttime enclosure.


These are just the basics on how to care for Capuchin monkeys as pets. All Pets provides monkey veterinary care services in Bryan/College Station, TX. Contact us with the link below for more information!

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