Importance Of Walking Your Dog

Importance Of Walking Your Dog

Imagine if you where locked up all day with nothing to do, it would be quite boring wouldn’t it? Well the thing with Dogs is this: without activity they get no exercise and remain bored. Not to mention, walking your dog is great for behavior training, but it’s necessary to use a leash. Also walking your dog can also grant them the opportunity of seeing other pets and preventing isolation. Getting out there and growing a bond with your dog is never a bad thing, after all he is mans best friend. We will discuss the importance of walking your dog.

Importance Of Walking Your Dog

Obesity Awareness

A sedentary dog can easily and quickly become an overweight one, and that can bring in all sorts of potential health problems with pet obesity. Even if your dog stays active inside the home, they still need another type of outlet for pent-up energy.

Young dogs need around an hour of daily exercise, but some dogs bred for sports or herding activities may need much more. You will benefit from having your dog well exercised, mainly because tired dogs tend to behave better and you are keeping them from gaining unnecessary weight.

Leash Training

Putting your dog outside is not a valid form of exercise, your dog will not just create his own exercise plan. Dogs also do not self entertain, so if you want to tire your pet out, play catch or fetch. If you’re at work all day, maybe even consider asking a friend to take your dog out during those hours. Your pet will enjoy the company and you will come home to a happier dog waiting to greet you.

When you are walking your dog consider it a training opportunity. Dogs are not born knowing how to walk on a leash so you will have to teach your dog how to follow your lead. On these walks you can begin teaching commands like sit, stay, and heel. Especially if you take treats along to use during the process.

Stress Relief

While out walking your pet is bound to see and meet other dogs. This is also a great opportunity to help your dog learn acceptable ways of socially interacting with new animals. It will also help build doggy confidence so your pet will be less afraid to make friends. If you dog does show fear, taking them to a training class is a great way of removing that anxiety in a more controlled environment.

Well-socialized pups still like a bit of rough-and-tumble play with other dogs when out for a walk, but they will know when to stop and come will come back to you without battle scars.


These are just a reasons for the importance of walking your dog. Think of your dog like a child, they want to see the world and have answers for everything presented to them. Taking them out on walks like this is great ways to give your dog an experience that they will learn from, while keeping them trained and fit.

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