Dental Health Month: Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Keeping Your Dog's Teeth Clean

February is Dental Health month, which means it is time to lavish some attention on your dog’s teeth. Taking proper care of your dog’s teeth is essential because plaque and tartar buildup can progress to painful periodontal disease. Bacteria from periodontal disease can spread to other organs and cause illnesses. Therefore, we have put together a few tips for keeping your dog’s teeth clean.

Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

While brushing your pup’s teeth might sound silly, it’s a great way to prevent plaque buildup. You don’t need to brush your dog’s teeth everyday, but the more often the better. The majority of dogs are not too fond of the idea at first. However, you can easily train your dog to have his teeth brushed the same way you would have his nails trimmed.

There are numerous options you can take when brushing your dog’s teeth. First, you will want to get toothpaste that is specifically for dogs. This is because toothpaste for humans contains toxic ingredients for pets. In addition, dog toothpaste typically comes in a delicious chicken or peanut butter flavor. Second, you can utilize either a canine toothbrush or a brush that fits over your fingertip.

Dog Tooth Wipes

If you’re unable to brush your dog’s teeth or simply want to switch up cleaning techniques, tooth wipes are an excellent solution. Rubbing tooth wipes against your dog’s teeth can help remove plaque.

Tooth wipes work similarly to toothbrushes. However, they are not able to get into the tiny nooks and crannies that a brush does. Still, they are a great way to clean you pup’s teeth. Also, they are often easier to manager than a toothbrush with toothpaste.

Dog Dental Treats

Not only do dogs love treats, but dental treats are a great way to improve his or her health. These treats specifically remove plaque buildup and often contain ingredients that freshen breath and clean your dog’s mouth.

Generally, our dog’s appreciate dental treats much more than a toothbrush or tooth wipes. Additionally, they do an excellent job of keeping your dog’s mouth clean. Dog dental treats come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors; and you are sure to find something your dog loves.

Dog Chews

There are numerous of different types of dog chews. However, almost all of them have teeth-cleaning properties. The act of chewing actually benefit’s your dog’s oral health, in and of itself, regardless of what he or she is chewing on. The gnawing scrapes plaque off your pup’s teeth. Also, many all-natural treats made from meat contain enzymes that help promote dental health.

Chews such as cow ears, bully sticks and chicken strips are great for keeping your dog’s teeth clean. If you are searching for something without calories, there are numerous long-lasting rubber or nylon chews that do the job as well.

Professional Teeth Cleanings

Keeping Your Dog's Teeth Clean

One of the best ways to ensure your dog’s oral health is to have him visit our veterinarian here at All Pets for a professional teeth cleaning. Our veterinarian can examine your dog’s teeth and address any issues we find.

Our vets here at All Pets Veterinary Medical Center are experienced in preventing, locating and treating any issues that might go unnoticed by even the most dedicated dog owner. Contact us with the link below for more information!

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