Keitt Cat’s Grateful Parents Love All Pets!

Dr. Rupley,

I wanted to take a moment of your time to express my feelings about the clinic.
1. In all my years associated with Vets with all my labs and Schnauzers and cats I have never experience such a professionalism as with your entire staff
2. they all seem to be so in touch with the animals and the right thing to do for them
3. they make our little family member feel at home away from home
4. as for you, I must say you rank at the top of the all the vets I have been associated with: you knowledge, the way you talk with me, how you are with Sadie, how you handled Miss Kitty and helping my heart, and your professionalism is beyond reproach.
Know that you have a place in my heart and how you are with our little friends.
Thank you for being our Vet!

Keitt Cat & Family

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