Laser Therapy for Pets


Laser Therapy for Pets

The team at All Pets Veterinary Medical Center is proud of our state of the art veterinary clinic and many of its special services–one such unique service is laser therapy for pets.

The benefits of laser therapy range from reducing pain and inflammation to shortening healing time and stimulating hair growth.  The laser employs a concentrated beam of light that penetrates the tissue to stimulate cells and speed the healing process while reducing pain.

Laser therapy treatments generally take mere minutes, and typically feel warm and relaxing to the pet. We use our therapy laser on pets recovering from surgery to ease their discomfort, as well as on various patients from dogs with uncomfortable ear infections, senior pets with arthritic joints, or pets suffering from allergies.

If your pet has an ailment and you’re interested in finding out if laser therapy would be beneficial for them, contact us to set up your laser therapy consultation today!

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