Going on Vacation? All Pets Provides Boarding & Grooming Services!

professional pet boarding & grooming services

It’s understandable to prefer your pet to stay at home while you go on vacation. However, we know this is not always ideal. This is why All Pets Veterinary Medical Center offers professional pet boarding & grooming services, whether you have a cat, dog or an exotic pet! Our trained and caring technicians will monitor your pet’s entire stay to ensure your pet is happy, health and feels right at home!

Features of Professional Pet Boarding & Grooming Services from All Pets

There are many great features of our boarding & grooming services, including:

  • Every boarder (dogs, cats, or exotic pets) in our Home Away from Home facility receives abundant tender loving care.
  • We limit our boarding facility to current client’s pets so all roommates are safe and healthy!
  • We provide the best in total health care for all of our patients, including those who board with us.
  • Trained and caring technicians will monitor your pet’s entire stay

Benefits of Professional Pet Boarding & Grooming Services from All Pets

Includes Physical Exam

To take advantage of our wonderful facilities, establishment of a client relationship is important. We will perform a comprehensive physical exam where we will evaluate your pet. This exam will be from the tip of her/his nose to the end of the tail, and everything in between.

In addition to the preventative benefits, our boarding exam also allows for your pet to have a well established doctor-patient relationship with our veterinarian. If your pet becomes ill while staying with us, we will know their history and medical problems. Therefore, we will be able to treat him or her with the high quality care he/she deserves.

Professional Attention

Our trained technicians here at All Pets will care for your pet. In case of emergency, we can administer medicine and give your pet approved treatments while they wait for you to return home from your vacation.

Our veterinary clinic staff is accustomed to dealing with all kinds of animals, including cats, dogs, turtles and birds. Even if your pet has special conditions and needs, our team can provide professional attention and care. We are also familiar with the temperaments of different breeds of dogs and cats.

Proper Exercise and Diet

Pets, especially dogs, require daily exercise and good nutrition. With our professional pet boarding & grooming services, we offer exercise time and can work with you if your pet is on a special diet.

Our backyard is half an acre; and each dog is supervised by a technician when they are outside. We let out each pet separately from the others unless there is a multi-pet household and you request that they go out together. Also, we use a pooper scooper after each pet to prevent possibility of diseases spreading.

Full-Service Facilities

While some professional boarding places may only have the resources to handle a small number of animals or only specific pets, All Pets have accommodations for many. We keep our facilities well-kept and hygienic, as our veterinarians understand the importance of cleanliness to preserve animal welfare.

Every pet has a Boarding Journal where we record the details of their stay. We then send these journals home with you at the time of pickup. We offer a wide variety of extra special options to make the pets stay here like a true vacation. Extra one-on-one playtime gives your pet 15 extra minutes to enjoy some of their favorite activities, whether it is chasing a ball, running around outside, or being loved on! We offer nail grinds, brush outs after bathing, and a variety of treats as well.

Immediate Medical Care

If your pet takes medications every day, our professional pet boarding & grooming facility is the best place to leave them while you travel. Our trained staff will give your pet each dose of medicine.

Also, at All Pets, our vets are on call to handle emergencies that arise. Our staff can also monitor the health of your pet; and contact you to recommend courses of treatment if any problems occur. This level of care is particularly good for more elderly pets with special health requirements.


For more information on our pet boarding services, don’t hesitate to contact us here at All Pets Veterinary Medical Center with the link below!

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