Skin Diseases in Dogs and Summer Heat Flares

Skin Diseases in Dogs

Summer is almost here. While this is a great time for our pups to play outside in the sunshine, this also means heat flares for dogs with skin diseases. Therefore, we will discuss skin diseases in dogs and how to treat summer heat flares.

Skin Diseases in Dogs

Skin diseases in dogs can occur due to a number of problems or even a combination of them. For example, your dog could have dry skin, hot spots, skin infections or even allergies.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the most common skin problems in dogs. Check to see if your dog has dry skin by parting the fur and seeing if there is scaly or flaky skin.

In addition, you may notice redness and inflammation from scratching.

Hot Spots

Hot spots (acute moist dermatitis) are red and inflamed areas of the skin that can feel hot to the touch. These are common on a dog’s chest, hips or head.

Hot spots can occur due to a number of problems. For example, allergies, insect bites, infections or excessive licking can cause hot spots.

If your dog has hot spots, contact your veterinarian here at All Pets for a recommended treatment. The hot spots may require cleaning and bandaging. Also, the underlying issue will require treatment, or the hot spots may get worse or reoccur.

Skin Infections

One of the most common skin infections in dogs is a yeast infection. This often occurs around the ears or paws since yeast likes cozy places to grow.

If your dog has a yeast infection, you may notice him or her pawing at the ears and chewing paws. In addition, you might also notice irritated or discolored skin. Treatment for yeast infections can include the following:

  • medicated baths
  • ointments
  • oral medications

Other common skin infections in dogs include impetigo and folliculitis. These can result in bumps, sores and scabs. Blisters often appear on the puppy’s tummy with impetigo.

Our vets here at All Pets an treat these skin infections with topical solutions, medications and other treatment options.


Similar to people, dogs can have allergic reactions to a number of common household items from shampoos to cleaning supplies. In addition, they can be allergic to fleabites and a variety of foods.

Allergic reactions in dogs may show up as a rash on the skin. This can be itchy and irritating for your dog.

Treating allergies in dogs requires knowing the cause of it first. All Pets can help you figure this out and suggest a course of treatment. In addition to treatment, make sure to keep your dog away from the allergen if at all possible.

Treatment for Heat Flares in Dogs


When treating itchy, uncomfortable dogs, it is necessary to control the inflammation so that the scratching is under control, and the patient is more comfortable.

Therefore, we offer specialized treatment plans to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy this summer.


These are just the basics of skin diseases in dogs and heat flares in the summer. Contact us with the link below for more information!

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