Could Your Dog Have Fall Allergies Too?

file1491279116895We’ve all seen or felt it before: the sneezing, the itching, the watery eyes, the irritated nasal passages and so on. But your dog is now exhibiting signs of the typical behavior for fall allergies in humans. Could your dog have allergies too? Is this even possible? What are the signs and symptoms you should be concerned about, and when is the appropriate time to call the vet?

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Walking Your Dog In The Summer

DSCN1882Summer is a terrific time to be a dog owner. It lets you run, swim, and play with your dog in nicer weather than any other time of the year. However, summer also brings unique risks to your dog’s health that you should keep in mind throughout the season.

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Preparing for Fall

I know that for myself, Fall and Winter are my favorite times of the year, and they both require a good bit of preparation. In this article I am going to give you some great tips you can use as a guide to help prepare you and your pets for the colder seasons ahead. Continue reading Preparing for Fall

Pets With Allergies


When You Pet Has Allergies

When a  pet’s immune system reacts negatively to common substances like pollens, mites or molds, an allergy is developed. These reactions can range from irritating to lethal, and are caused by ingesting, inhaling or touching the allergen. Allergy symptoms in pets include Continue reading Pets With Allergies