All Pets Loves Exotics!


Bring on the Birds!

Exotic patients are some of our favorite patients! Aside from our feline and canine patients, Dr. Rupley acts as a veterinarian for birds of all sizes, pocket pets like guinea pigs, rats and chinchillas, reptiles and the occasional special pet like a coatamundi or micro pig! Dr. Rupley is an excellent Avian certified veterinarian with a love for her feathered patients.


An exam for an exotic pet is $79 and includes a through check of all body systems. We also have special wellness packages for different pets that include services like parasite screens and blood work for screening for internal infection. A visit always includes husbandry counseling–particularly important for exotic pets and their special needs! All Pets Veterinary Medical Center also boards exotic pets, so if you need a home away from home for the weekend for your parrot or bearded dragon, come take a tour of our clinic and see our exotic pet boarding facilities!

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