Bird Boarding Here at All Pets

As a bird owner, you may believe that going away on vacation is difficult. However, All Pets has a reputable boarding facility and can provide excellent care to birds. Therefore, you can feel secure leaving them with us while you go out of town. Here are a few of the many benefits of bird boarding at All Pets.

Benefits of Bird Boarding

Physical Exams for Birds

To take advantage of our wonderful facilities, establishment of a client relationship is important. We will perform a comprehensive physical exam where we will evaluate your bird.

In addition to the preventative benefits, our boarding exam allows for your pet to have a well established doctor-patient relationship with our veterinarian. Therefore, we will be able to treat him or her with the high quality care he/she deserves.

Emergency Medical Care for Birds

If your bird takes medications every day, our professional pet boarding & grooming facility is the best place to leave them while you travel. Our trained staff will give your bird each dose of medicine.

Also, at All Pets, our vets are on call to handle emergencies that arise. Our staff can also monitor the health of your bird; and contact you to recommend courses of treatment if any problems occur. This level of care is particularly good for more elderly birds with special health requirements.

Proper Diet and Exercise for Birds

We will provide feeding and cage cleaning as part of our bird boarding services. Also, we have daily out-of-cage time for exercise.  As part of our bird boarding services, we will provide your avian with lighting, bird toys and dry food.

If your bird is on a special diet, bring the food you would like us to give them.

Clean, Full-Service Bird Boarding Facility

We keep our facilities well-kept and hygienic, as our veterinarians understand the importance of cleanliness to preserve animal welfare.

We offer a wide variety of extra special options to make your bird’s stay here like a true vacation. For more information on our pet boarding services, contact us here at All Pets Veterinary Medical Center with the link below!

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