Dental SPECIAL: $295 for Complete Oral Health Treatment

6 years rat terrier

You can make a huge difference for your pet, no matter what age. We are currently offering a dental special package for $295.00! If your pet has bad breath, tartar, inflamed gums or similar, they could hugely benefit from a professional dental procedure.

This includes it all! We place an IV catheter for your pet, provide pre-anesthetic anxiety and pain relief, provide constant electronic and human monitoring and more. The package also includes a full oral exam, dental charting of the teeth, ultrasonic scaling, a fluoride treatment and a complimentary dental kit to help keep your pet’s mouth healthy at home, too.

Dental disease is incredibly painful for pets, just like with people. Infections of the gums can spread to important organs and wreak havoc in your pet’s body. Prevention is KEY.

We really want to tell you more, so give us a call at (979)696-4411. This price may not last forever.

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