Home Away from Home at All Pets

One of the services available here at All Pets Veterinary Medical Center is our boarding facility where we are able to care for patients while their families are busy or traveling!

For your canine companion we have two rooms, both lit and air conditioned with natural lighting and music as well. Large breeds can board in our spacious lofts for $25 a night. These runs go to the ceiling, and offer ample space for moving around. Canine suites are available to dogs between 25 and 50 pounds for $20 a night, while canine studios (dogs under 25 pounds) are $15 a night. We place stainless steel bowls and fleece blankets in each kennel, and as with all boarding pets, owners are welcome to bring any washable bedding or toys from home to make their pet more comfortable. Each dog goes into our spacious half-acre back yard three times a day to run around and do their business. Every dog is supervised by a trained technician and is picked up after to maintain a clean yard. Each dog receives a discounted bath before going home for only $5!

Feline condos are $15 a night, and are roomy tri-level kennels in a separate area from the smell and sounds of dogs. There is a window looking out into the garden, a ventilation fan to keep odors at bay, and a Feliway dispenser offers a soothing pheromone. Hide boxes are placed in each kennel to give kitties desired privacy, and litter boxes are cleaned three times daily. All pet’s kennels are cleaned and disinfected each morning.

Owners can bring food from home, or we can feed pets the Purina Veterinary Diet EN food that is easy on the tummy. Additional services can be requested, such as medication administration, extra play time one-on-one with a technician, or a nail trim. We even board exotic pets! Your guinea pig can stay with us for $9 a night, or your bird for $10-$13 a night (depending on size). All we ask is that your pet be current on their annual exam with us, testing and vaccinations!

Book your pet’s stay at All Pets Veterinary Medical Center Home Away from Home today!

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