Low-Stress and Pet-Friendly Holiday Planning

10172828_711107185614321_5747443987048895088_nWouldn’t it be nice if we could guarantee a holiday season that is completely stress-free? Unfortunately, this is not likely to happen for most. No matter how much we plan, shop and prepare, we still can’t guarantee that the kids won’t discover the hiding place for the gifts or that all the packages shipped will arrive on time.

Although we may not be able to plan and prepare our way out of a certain amount of holiday stress and turmoil, there still is a lot we can do to make this season as comfortable and stress free for our pets as possible.

Decoration Dilemmas

The start of the season is signaled by holiday decorations for many of us. When decorating it is important to consider your pet and remove anything that pose a danger to him or her.

While it may seem like you’re not getting into the holiday spirit when you leave the poinsettia or real candles out of your decor, not having to worry about what your pet is up to every time you leave the room will contribute to a more relaxed holiday season for both you and your pet.

Planning is Key to a Low-Stress Holiday Season

Before the holiday festivities begin take a few moments to plan accordingly for your pet’s comfort and safety. This will be helpful in the long run to reduce stress and anxiety for both you and your pet.

Here is a few tips for planning a low-stress holiday season for you and your pet:

  • Try your best to maintain your pet’s normal feeding, play and exercise routines during the holiday season.
  • Give you pet some extra exercise before guests arrive if possible. This will reduce some of the hyperactivity and stress that comes with new people.
  • Even the most social pets can become easily overwhelmed by all the confusion and noise of people gathering for the holiday season. Consider providing your pet with a quiet, out of the way place to escape the crowd, furnished with their bedding and fresh water for maximum comfort.
  • Although tempting, avoid giving your pet any table scraps. Many holiday foods can be dangerous for pets, such as chocolate, fatty foods, certain spices and anything sweetened with Xylitol.
  • Pets can easily slip out through an open door or gate during chaos of guests arriving and leaving. For your pet’s safety, and your peace of mind as well, make sure your he or she is wearing a collar with ID tags.

Don’t Forget Downtime

It is a well-known fact that cuddling with pets can lower stress levels, both for them and for us. Be sure to take plenty of opportunities this holiday season to just relax with your four-legged friend, breath in and enjoy the holiday, and relish in the bond you share with your pet.


From all of us at All Pets Veterinary Medical Center, we wish you, your pet, and your family a happy and safe holiday season!

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