Tips for Protecting Pets for Winter

10172828_711107185614321_5747443987048895088_nWinter is the season of cold and for some areas, numbing wetness. Make sure your pets stay safe and warm  by following these simple guidelines.

Bring Pets Indoors

The best way to protect your pet from the cold weather is to keep them inside with you and your family. Many believe that dogs and cats are protected from the harsh winter elements because of their fur coats. While their coats do provide a little extra warmth from the cold, they are, however, not enough to fully protect your pets during the cold winter months. Your pet’s time outdoors should be adjusted accordingly to their coat thickness, health and activity level. During walks, if you have a short-haired dog, consider having them wear a sweater to make them feel more comfortable.

Provide Shelter Outdoors

If you are unable to bring your pet indoors then it is important that your provide your pets with a warm shelter to fully escape the wind, rain and freezing weather. The shelter should have enough room that it can accommodate your pet comfortably, but should also be snug enough to keep your pet warm and retain his or her heat. To provide ultimate protection the shelter needs to be raised off of the ground and should be facing away from the wind. You should equip the shelter with warm and dry bedding which should also be frequently changed, and fresh, non frozen water. It may also be a good idea to line the door of the shelter with a material, such as a thick plastic or heavy burlap, to block some of the wind and rain.

Provide Shelter Indoors

Even after your bring your pet back inside, they may still be cold. Have plenty of places set up around your home that are dry and warm where your pet is able to go to increase his or her body temperature. Cold floors can make dogs and cats feel colder so having a lot of warm blankets lying around in their favorite spots can be a good idea to battle the winter weather.

Protect Paws from Chemicals

Chemicals can irritate the pads of your pet’s feet. Always be sure to wipe all your pet’s paws with a damp towel before your pet licks them and irritates his or her mouth.

Winter Clothing

Deciding whether or not to dress your pet up in winter clothing and accessories will usually depend on individual circumstances. Cats are usually not great contenders for winter clothing because they are not tolerant of it, which can cause the animal injure itself because of stress. If you choose to dress your pet up make sure they fit securely to avoid injury, but that they aren’t too tight that they are cutting of your pet’s circulation.


These are just a few tips to protect your pet this winter. For more information contact us today with the link below.

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