Minimize Your Dog’s Springtime Shedding

dog shedding

Spring is a time for new growth — and that includes your dog’s coat. Your dog will typically shed his or her old, fuzzy undercoats and grow a new, sleek fur. While most dogs shed all year, shedding tends to be heaviest in the springtime. Avoiding drifts of feathery fur piling up in the corners of your home requires a proactive approach and staying on top of it with basic dog-grooming. Our team here at All Pets Veterinary Medical Center has compiled a list of tips so that you can minimize your dog’s shedding this spring.

Brush Your Dog Frequently

The more often your brush your dog, the more hair you will remove to avoid excess shedding. Since dogs typically shed more during the spring, it is important to brush your dog at least twice a week—more if you have time. Dog breeds such as Siberian Huskies, Corgis and Shetland Sheepdogs—to name a few—have a double coat. A grooming tool that is designed specifically to remove shedding hair should be used for these breeds.

Bathe Your Dog Often

dog bathBathing your dog allows you to loosen up all of that dead undercoat and he or she will shed even more. Many may be thinking, “why should I bathe my dog if it’s going to escalate shedding?” However, loosening the hair lets you brush your dog after the bath and get more out of his coat at one time.

Don’t Skimp on Food

Good nutrition reduces shedding, so feeding your pup a quality dog food can help keep loose hair to a minimum. Premium brands of dog food use better ingredients, which equals better nutrition for your dog. Also, make sure to purchase products that list an animal protein such as chicken, turkey, beef, lamb or fish as the first ingredient.

Consider Getting Your Dog a Trim

dog groomingYou may want to consider having your dog trimmed, especially living in Texas where there is hot summers where it can take a toll on dogs with thick, profuse coats. Take your dog to a professional groomer and request that the coat be shortened, which will reduce the amount of hair that falls out on its own.

See Our Vets

If your dog seems to be shedding excessively, or is loosing hair in patches, then it may be time to come see one of our vets here at All Pets Veterinary Center. Your dog may be suffering from a health problem such as skin infections, allergies or even cancer. If you believe your dog may be suffering from any of these, don’t hesitate to contact us here at All Pets Veterinary Medical Center to schedule a time to meet with one of our veterinarians.


There’s many things you can do to keep your home free of pet hair, to. Make sure to vacuum often, use lint rollers on your clothes and cover furniture frequented by your dog with washable blankets. You may even consider changing your flooring, too. If you have carpet, your pup’s hair will stick to it and build up over time. When you live with a dog that sheds, tile or hardwood floors are easiest to clean. Don’t hesitate to contact us here at All Pets Veterinary Medical Center for more information!

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