Water Safety Tips For Dogs

YlbdvdSwimming can be a great way for your pet to exercise and cool down in the summer heat, but while some dogs were practically born to swim, not all dogs are equipped for the water—both mentally and physically. When bringing your canine companion along to join the fun on the water this summer, be sure to keep their safety in mind.

Read more to find out All Pet’s top water safety tips for a summer well-spent.


Know where your pets are and what they are doing, this is one of the most important water safety tips. You can help prevent accidents and illnesses by keeping them within sight. Make sure you can respond quickly if you see any issues. Never allow unsupervised swimming!

Pool Safety

Pets must be able to get out easily. Stairs they can easily climb, or non-slip pool ramps or ladders made for pets can save their lives. Be extra vigilant with puppies, their enthusiastic and energetic running can quickly land them in the water. Keep them away from the edge and don’t lose sight of them, even for a minute.


Do not let salt or pool chemicals dry on their fur, it can irritate their skin. Also, if they swallow it when licking their fur it can make them sick.

Life Jackets

The right fit, buoyancy, handles, and bright colors are vital. While the jackets can keep them afloat, you should be able to pull your dog out of water by the handles and easily see them from a distance. Life Jackets not only help keep your dog afloat, but they will also give you a peace of mind, which is why it has earned its spot on this water safety tip article.


Swimming can be strenuous! Whether you are playing fetch in the ocean, river, or lake, be careful not to overdo it. Keep your pets close to shore and within sight. Give them rest breaks in a shaded area and provide plenty of drinking water.


Don’t let them lap up lake, river, pool, or ocean water. When they are thirsty, they need fresh drinking water. The chemicals, bacteria, parasites, and salt from the water they play in can make them sick.

Life jackets and fences help prevent accidents, as does supervising your pet’s activities around bodies of water. Watching what they drink and washing them off can help prevent illnesses. Be prepared with a first aid kit, extra drinking water, and towels to wipe them down. Above all, however, use common sense! For more pet safety tips, feel free to check out the rest of our blog!

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