Wellness Packages For All Pets!

Pet Wellness

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Benjamin Franklin

All Pets deserve routine wellness care and we believe it is our most powerful tool to ensure a happy and healthy life for our patients. Because wellness care is so important, we have discounted specialized care packages including:

  1. Puppy, Junior, and Senior Canine Wellness
  2. Kitten, Junior, and Senior Feline Wellness
  3. Ferret Junior and Senior Wellness
  4. Bird Wellness Package
  5. Reptile Wellness
  6. Rabbit Junior and Senior Wellness
  7. Small Mammal Junior and Senior Wellness

For example, our Puppy Wellness Package includes a head-to-toe physical exam, 4 core vaccinations, a parasite screen, de-worming, one month of flea and heartworm preventative, puppy care instruction, and behavior assistance for a discounted price of $129.

Additional lab work may be recommended. Please call today to schedule your pet’s wellness visit!