How to Have Stress-Free Holidays for Your Pets

Pet owners find great joy including their canine and feline companions in as many holiday celebrations as possible. As we enter the holiday season, it’s time for a reminder of how these holiday activities can be stressful for household pets. Therefore, we have put together a few tips on how to have stress-free holidays for your pets.

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How to Reduce Stress When Boarding Pets Over the Holidays

Reduce Stress When Boarding Pets

Whether you have a cat, dog or an exotic pet, boarding your pet can be a stressful experience for them. However, there are steps you can take to reduce stress when boarding pets. We will discuss how to identify stress, as well as ways to reduce stress when boarding your pets.

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Traveling with Pets in the Car Over the Holidays

file000267016039The number of people traveling with their pets, especially during the holidays, is growing. As a result, the number of options available for pets on the road is growing too. Whether it be rooming with family or friends, or staying in a hotel room, the time has never been better to pack up your pet and go.

However, traveling with your pet can off some challenges, but nearly all can be beat with common sense and creativity. Here’s what you need to know when you’re traveling with a pet in the car over the holidays.

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Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Traveling with your dogThis is a joyful time of year — holiday parties, family gatherings and visits with friends cover the calendar. For many pet owners, spending the holidays away from their pets in inconceivable. With a bit of planning you can ensure that everyone—including the furry members of the family—has a safe and enjoyable trip. Here are a few helpful tips to make sure your holiday is a merry one!

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Low-Stress and Pet-Friendly Holiday Planning

10172828_711107185614321_5747443987048895088_nWouldn’t it be nice if we could guarantee a holiday season that is completely stress-free? Unfortunately, this is not likely to happen for most. No matter how much we plan, shop and prepare, we still can’t guarantee that the kids won’t discover the hiding place for the gifts or that all the packages shipped will arrive on time.

Although we may not be able to plan and prepare our way out of a certain amount of holiday stress and turmoil, there still is a lot we can do to make this season as comfortable and stress free for our pets as possible.

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Cold Weather Activities for Pets

10172828_711107185614321_5747443987048895088_nDoes this cold winter weather of you and your pet feeling a little antsy? If you’re used to spending time outdoors, then chances are you’re both probably starting to feel a little restless by now.

Making an effort for both you and your pet to stay indoors this winter is great for the mind and body. Your pet will enjoy and appreciate the chance to play and be able to stay active and healthy at the same time. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Fall Weight Management Tips for Your Pet

13634795461edmuIt is officially Fall! This means shorter days, changing leaves, a crisp breeze, football, holidays and food. And with food comes the seasonal weight gain. We seem to find more and more excuses to stay inside our homes as the temperature drops. Add this to the holiday celebrations with the natural tendency to crave comfort food for the colder months, and you have the perfect combination for seasonal weight gain.

Overweight pets face many of the same health issues and concerns as people, including: heart disease, type 2 diabetes, bone and joint problems, various forms of cancers, and a shortened life expectancy, just to name a few. Fortunately, with a few simple modifications, you and your pet can avoid the seasonal weight gain.

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Halloween Holiday Health Hazards for Animals


From the Texas Department of State Health Services, Zoonosis Control


With the arrival of the candy-laden and trickster-oriented holiday of Halloween, there are some risks and health hazards that are of concern for animals, particularly pets like dogs and cats.  To avoid unfortunate mishaps and tragedies, keep in mind the following tips:

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Environmental Enrichment for Birds

Although owning a pet bird may seem like an easy and fun endeavor, there are many challenges associated with maintaining happy and healthy birds. Some pet birds are caged most of their lives and get rather lonely without the stimulating contact between people or with their instincts. Adding this sort of stimulation to your birds life can improve his or her overall happiness, and being in a cage all the time won’t seem so bad. Significant aspects of natural behavior are denied to varying degrees for birds kept as companion animals. Examples of these include flocking, social interaction with other birds, foraging on a variety of foods, and flight. Birds are social, loud and messy. When kept in captivity they deserve the owners’ tolerance to exhibit these normal behaviors.

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Importance Of Walking Your Dog


Imagine if you where locked up all day with nothing to do, it would be quite boring wouldn’t it? Well the thing with Dogs is this: without activity they get no exercise and remain bored. Not to mention, walking your dog is great for behavior training, but a leash must be used. Also walking your dog can also grant them the opportunity of seeing other pets and preventing isolation. Getting out there and growing a bond with your dog is never a bad thing, after all he is mans best friend.

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